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When is a coincidence too much of a
coincidence to be one?
Conspiracy to Skullduggery
When is a coincidence too much of a coincidence to be one?

Players Play . . . . From Bush to Bush

George W., Jeb, Sandra, Katherine, Tom,
Chuck, & Michael
When is a coincidence to much of a coincidence not to be one? When
does a convergence of like-minded players embroiled in skullduggery
constitute conspiracy?
Since the Great American Meltdown of 2000, there has
been no shortage of facts and rumors and suppositions roiling about.  However, this
page and those that follow contain only some of the more interesting substantiated
Do you believe in election conspiracies? I don't.... Well, at least I didn't until I
started collecting "facts" for Deputy Elections Supervisor Cady Palmer. I just
wanted to tell a good story and while I was at it call attention to our broken
elections. Now I believe without a doubt a silent coup could rage across the country
in our high-tech state-of-the-art independent vote-counting machines. The trick
would be to keep the wins within the margin of error. Would we ever know?

Deep within the covert caverns of the computer, we can change day into night, call
a donkey an elephant
... or visa versa. We can even replace computer program code
on the fly when our mission is done. Yes. The code running Election Day may not
be the same that's left over for a proper investigation should election results be
questioned. Poof, gone. Today, experts express concerns of lax security and the
potential for hackers to breach an election. No small risk. Still the breach of a
major voting machine vendor from an inside source is much more sinister and much
less apt to be discovered. Consider the risk of a techie devising a method for
siphoning off a few votes per voting machine. When
one company deploys over a
100,000 touch screens and 25,000 optical scanners nationwide,
flip a few votes here
and there and you've got yourself a real cyber kingmaker.
Jeb's Brother George: Bush/Rove/GOP Computer Expert Michael
Connell Stonewalls Federal Subpoena in Case Investigating Election

WASHINGTON, Oct. 1 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The GOP's top computer
expert, Michael Connell, CEO of GovTech Solutions, was subpoenaed on
September 22nd to testify under oath in a federal lawsuit in Ohio regarding his
knowledge of election rigging and vote manipulation in past elections and the
upcoming election.

Michael Connell, after hiding under the radar for almost two decades as the GOP's
secret IT weapon for manipulating elections, has now been thrust into the limelight
by other GOP whistleblowers, most notably world renowned cyber-security expert
Stephen Spoonamore, who identified Mr. Connell as the person with the most
intimate knowledge of GOP computer networks including those in the White House
and Congress.
Mr. Connell, who has worked for the Bush political network since
1986, has been at the scene of virtually every electoral scandal of the past decade --
running Florida computers during the 2000 election and Ohio election computers during
the 2004 election,
helping to create Swift Boat Veterans for Truth IT network,
putting his computer servers in control of the most sensitive Congressional IT
networks, and setting up Karl Rove's off grid White House email system used in
the firing of the US Attorneys for political purposes. . .
Continued. Reuters,
10/01/08.  Source:  (Please note after the writing of this article,  Mr.
Connell was tragically killed when his private airplane crashed. Mr. Connell was the pilot and
only person on board at the time of the crash.)

Jeb and George.
Jeb and George. Jeb and Michael. Jeb and Katherine. Jeb and Sandra. Jeb and
Tom. Jeb and 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006. Jeb and John McCain. Culpability by
association, intent or manipulation. In Florida at least, Jeb in his prime was the hub
of all things elections. His broad reach is illustrated in part by the actions of his
friends and their own influence on elections. More specific detail on Jeb is provided
in the section titled Florida's Governor Jeb Bush below.
Jeb & Tom. Governor Jeb Bush's 1994 running mate, U.S. Rep Tom
. Republican Congressman Tom Feeney was Jeb's running mate the first
time Jeb ran for governor in 1994 and lost. Then in 2000, as speaker of the Florida
House, Feeney was instrumental in leading the Legislature to seat George W.
Bush as president while the election debacle was still playing out in the courts.

The Feeney factor is also interesting, but unremarkable. That is unless one
considers that in 2004, Feeney was implicated in vote fraud by Clinton Curtis when
Curtis testified before the House Judiciary Committee investigating vote fraud in
the 2004 presidential election. (6)

Note: contains a full video and transcript of Clinton Curtis'
testimony. ("Video Online of Clint Curtis Testimony!" Brad Friedman,, 12/13/2004.)
Fast forward to August 2007 and Dan Rather's Report. Brad Friedman "connects the dots." Feeney
served as Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives at the same time he served as general counsel and
registered lobbyist for Yang Enterprises, Inc. It was at Yang Enterprises, Inc. that Feeney is alleged to have
asked Curtis to write a vote-rigging program. (7)

Note: Yang Enterprises, Inc. had multi-million dollar contracts with the state of Florida and NASA where Feeney's
wife is employed. Yang Enterprises, Inc. is also the Oviedo, Florida company, where Curtis was employed at the
time Feeney is alleged to have asked Curtis to write his vote-rigging program
Punchcard Ballots Rigged.
Seven Sequoia Voting Systems* employees revealed they had been instructed to deliberately misalign the
punchcard chads for ballots going to Palm Beach County, FL. They were also directed to use poor quality paper
for the punchcards used in Florida's 2000 election. In 1999, Sequoia's touch-screen voting machines were already
deployed in several precincts in Riverside County, CA. ("Rather Reports on Sequoia's Gaming of Florida
Punchcards in 2000," Brad Friedman; Dan Rather Report,, 8/28/2007) Note: the Sequioa incident
has not been linked to Jeb.

*Sequoia manufactures voting machines but is also certified to print ballot products for most major voting system.
Jeb & Katherine. Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris.
Secretary of State Katherine Harris first served as co-chair for George W. Bush's campaign. Then she stepped up
to win him the presidency. Harris’ single-purposed interpretation and application of Florida’s gaping
election laws were pivotal in winning George W. Bush the presidency. But again, Katherine Harris served Jeb
Bush and many were convinced that Jeb Bush and other powerful Republicans called the shots for her. (8)

Both Jeb and Katherine were "singled out in particular for ignoring 'mounting evidence' of problems with outdated
voting technology in a number of counties, and for ignoring requests for guidance and assistance from local

Local election supervisors failed to adequately prepare for the election, showed a lack of leadership, and allowed
an "unequal distribution of quality voting equipment." Older voting equipment was distributed disproportionately
to African-American precincts, resulting in a higher rate of voting errors among African-American voters.
("Florida 'grossly derelict' in 2000 vote,"
U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, 6/5/2001., 6/5/2001.)
Bush and Senator Chuck Hagel.
Chuck Hagle was on George W.'s short list of contenders for the Republican Vice-Presidential nomination in 2000.

When Hagel first ran for the U.S. Senate in Nebraska in 1996, he won both the primaries and the general election
in unprecedented victories and was the first Republican to win a Nebraska senatorial campaign in 24 years. Six
years later Hagel was re-elected to his second term with 83% of the vote, the biggest political victory in the
history of Nebraska. (10)

Coincidence? Hagel was part owner, Chairman and CEO of ES&S voting machines. ES&S was the only voting
machine vendor whose machines counted Hagel's votes in the 1996 and 2002 elections. Hagel's campaign finance
director, Michael McCarthy was also an owner and a director of ES&S.  (11, 12)
Jeb and John McCain.
A few years ago, I would have placed the big bets on a McCain-Jeb ticket, regardless of the McCain-Bush
animosity. However, after a few initial dips into international affairs, Jeb wisely hangs back in today's soured
climate. So where's the McCain connection? Through Michael Connell. As mentioned previously, Connell works
for McCain now . Will McCain heed Velvet Revolution's call for McCain to fire him? (14) [Note: This entry was
written shortly before Michael Connell's untimely death.]
Florida's Governor Jeb Bush.
Circling back to Jeb Bush. Jeb professed to remain hands off during the 2000 fiasco. Still he cast an impressive
shadow. Affirming the obvious, Florida was his state, George W. his brother, and Katherine Harris his minion.

Moreover, while Jeb publicly kept his distance, those who worked for him did not. Jeb's acting general counsel
Frank Jimenez took an unpaid leave of absence the day after the election and was substantially involved in
shaping the Republican legal strategy in Florida. Jimenez was seen by both sides as an instrument of Jeb's
political will. ''When you take a leave like that, everyone knows you're an emissary,'' according to a prominent
lobbyist who worked both sides of the aisle. Four other lawyers from Jeb's office of general counsel also took
unpaid leaves, advising Jeb on legal matters related to the election. ''Clearly [Jeb's] been keeping a low public
profile. But obviously every move the secretary of state has made is in keeping with the Bush strategy,'' according
to an aide to Vice President Al Gore.

Katie Baur, a spokeswoman for Jeb Bush, also took a brief unpaid leave, stating, ''I was a Republican long before
I came to work for the governor.''  (15)

Baur's brief statement is perhaps more profound than intended. For apparently, fidelity to the party quashed
allegiance to country. Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris not only failed the voters in the state of Florida, they robbed
the citizens of this country of a fair and honest election. Clearly, they embraced a value system where partisanship
dictates actions, right or wrong, and the win justifies the means.

Aside from not recognizing the 2000 election as a product of malfunctioning systems, machines, processes,
materials, and antiquated, gaping election laws, both Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris were "singled out in
particular for ignoring 'mounting evidence' of problems with outdated voting technology in a number of counties,
and for ignoring requests for guidance and assistance from local officials." Local election supervisors also failed to
adequately prepare for the election, showed a lack of leadership, and allowed an "unequal distribution of quality
voting equipment." Older voting equipment was distributed disproportionately to African-American precincts,
resulting in a higher rate of voting errors among African-American voters. (16)
Election System & Software (ES&S).
What do these states have in common: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa,
Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Carolina, New Mexico,
Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, West Virginia,
Wisconsin, and Wyoming? All own or owned ES&S voting machines. All experienced ES&S authenticated election
failures. If you live in one of these states and want more information, or if you're curious about the failures
experienced with other election equipment, this information and more is presented ESS Failures on Hone in on failures by state, vendor, failure type. It's guarantied to make a believer out of you.

ES&S owns a host of election failures, from votes in Texas flipping from Obama to McCain in 2008, to California's
InkaVote problems in 2009, to Florida's 2006 Attorney General's race where a conservative estimate of 89K
missing votes were never accounted for or even investigated. And then 2006's Sarasota's District 13 race, where
18K missing votes were investigated by the GAO in a restricted effort with no conclusive results. Two years after
Sarasota's 2006. . . after the GAO's investigation, ES&S admitted to touch screen failures.

The following information illustrates the influence one voting machine vendor holds over an election, the country.
According to privately owned ES&S, ES&S is the world's largest provider of total election management solutions
with over 170,000 systems installed worldwide. ES&S provides end-to-end, start-to-finish solutions. In layperson
terms, this means bluntly,

"I'll tell you what to do, how to do it, figure out who your voters are and in the end
I'll tell you how they voted."

In more technical terms, ES&S systems control management of Voter Registration, Ballot Production,
Warehousing and Delivery, Election Programming, Voter Education/Outreach to Voting, Counting and Tabulation,
and Election Results Reporting. In the past five years alone, ES&S was responsible for printing more than 450
million ballots.

Today, nearly 67 million registered voters are supported by ES&S equipment. On a national scale, ES&S systems
counted approximately 50 percent of the votes in the last four major U.S. elections. Approximately 97,000 ES&S
iVotronic Touch Screen Voting Systems are installed in 20 states. Approximately 30,000 ES&S optical scan
tabulators are used in 43 states and worldwide.

Incidentally, again according to ES&S,  "The iVotronic was the first touch screen voting device officially certified
for use in the State of Florida, and its innovative technology enables all voters to easily and correctly cast their
vote in complete privacy." (17)

No it doesn't.
Conspiracy? Coincidence? Skullduggery? How about an innocent little nudge here and there to hedge your bets?
How many fleas do you pick off your collar before you know? Perhaps you've conclusions of your own. Or perhaps
you've a new interest in what goes on in that big black box once you've done your part, cast your ballot, and
entrusted your precious vote to your election officials. But whether or not you conclude conspiracy, intent,
ineptitude, or patriotic void, none of us should condone the blatant disrespect to our country and ourselves as
demonstrated every election through the incompetent mismanagement of our right to vote in this country.
George's Brother Jeb . . . and Mike Connell. Florida Governor Jeb
hired long-time Bush technical guru Michael Connell to build his Florida
website. But if cyber-security expert Stephen Spoonamore is right, Connell was
instrumental in the 2000 and 2004 elections as well.
Jeb and Sandra. Florida Secretary of State Sandra Mortham.
Former Secretary of State Sandra Mortham was the ES&S lobbyist who convinced
Florida Association of Counties to endorse ES&S. In exchange for the
Association's endorsement,
ES&S paid the Association a fee each time ES&S won a
county contract. (2) In the end, ES&S received orders totaling more than $70
million in taxpayer money from 12 counties, while the Florida Association of
Counties received kickbacks of approximately $300,000. (3) See more on ES&S

The Mortham factor is interesting, but not remarkable unless of course one
considers Mortham's relationship with Jeb Bush. Mortham was Jeb Bush's
first-choice running mate in 1998. When selecting Mortham, Jeb said, "I wanted
someone who was my friend, someone who could serve with distinction as
governor... She is far and away the most qualified person to be part of this team
and it is a team." (4)

By January, Sandra Mortham withdrew over ethical and spending lapses. (5)

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