A Margin of Error

John Gideon, co-director of Voters Unite! and author of the Daily Voting
passed away last night in Seattle leaving a void in the voting integrity
world that may never be filled. Indeed, the world has lost a true hero, a man
of unparalleled integrity. On a more personal level, one only has to shuffle
through a few of my articles to know the importance to me of information
provided by John and his co-director Ellen Theisen on
Voters Unite!

Last year during a particularly rough patch, John said if it got any worse he
just might run away to Belize. I’d like to remember him there. Sailing off
toward the setting sun with fair-weather breezes gently guiding him along his

Please see Brad Friedman’s tribute
In Memoriam: John Gideon, 1947 -
2009: Father, grandfather, husband, veteran, patriot, co-director of
VotersUnite.org, democracy advocate, blogger, friend...

Lani Massey Brown
A Margin of Error: Ballots of Straw

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