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When is a coincidence too much of a
coincidence to be one?

Fiction Stops Here

As Florida settles on the GAO findings in Sarasota's District-13.
Think duped again. For Florida and the rest of the country, the
bigger picture here is not where did those pesky 18,000 votes go in
one county?
The bigger question is where did 89,000 votes
go across the state?
GAO in Sarasota, Florida's District 13:
Bullet in the head, blood on the floor
Where did that smoking gun go?

Yes, 89,000 votes. While Sarasota took the heat, Florida's statewide
Attorney General's race actually provides a more revealing example of
voting machine failure. In part because it is a statewide race, not simply a
contentious race in one isolated county.

In Florida's Attorney General's race none of the voting machines
registered greater than 3.04% undervote. Except ES&S iVotronic
touchscreens. These iVotronics recorded (or not) a whopping 8.65%
undervotes.** That's a loss of 89K votes. Same race, same ballots, same
state, same day, different machines.

If we are to accept a finding that machines were not the cause of
Sarasota's missing 18,000 votes, then do we assume Florida voters across
the state walked up to the iVotronic touchscreens and decided not to vote
for Attorney General? Or do we observe the blood on the floor, the bullet
in the head and perhaps wonder, where did that smoking gun go?
Article originally published on OpEdNews.

**The numbers below were compiled by Florida Fair Elections Coalition in their
"Florida's Vanished Votes Reports." This is a must read report for all voters, not
just those in Florida. "Florida's Vanished Votes" is presented on

www. and

Voters cast 4,877,757 ballots in Florida's 2006 Attorney General's race.
232,039 voters chose not to vote for Attorney General. Or did they?

Diebold Optical Scanner 42,336 - 2.272%; ES&S Optical Scanner 22,171 -
3.04%; Sequoia Touchscreen 30,087 - 3.0%; ES&S Touchscreen 137,415 -
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