Truth, Lies, & Politics

When is a coincidence too much of a
coincidence to be one?

Another moose caught in the headlights: New
ethics complaint against Sarah Palin.
Is Sarah the next republican darling on a bridge to oblivion

Sarah Palin broke Alaska’s state ethics rules by holding national
television interviews from her governor’s office to talk about her vice
presidential run. She’s trying to repair her political image. She crossed
line between job, self-promotion.

Remember the last Republican Darling, Katherine Harris? Vice
Presidential candidate Sarah Palin and former Secretary of State
Katherine Harris have much in common: dark hair, lipstick, ambition,
ethics... failing upwards. And both were used badly by the men in their
lives. They were propped up high before being smeared down, if not
vilified and cast aside. For Sarah, McCain’s bad choice and campaign
cronies did her in. Jeb was Katherine’s undoing. Will Sara follow
Katherine’s lead to nowhere?

McCain used Sarah to do his dirty work, sling the mud and wild
accusations. With more experience and a lot more knowledge she might
have survived the defeat. But lacking both, her image cracked along the
way. In the end, Sarah’s own choice to take on a role that was over her
capabilities may have mortally wounded her political future. Sarah wasn’t
ready. She grabbed for the brass ring before she knew the weight of it.
Not a beauty pageant, Sarah. Just business… political business.

Katherine wasn’t ready either. But Katherine did a lot more damage.
She robbed the entire country of a fair election. Weak in so many areas
Katherine soaked up the limelight in her 2000 role, while Jeb’s legal
team called the shots and propelled her forward to gain Jeb’s brother his
presidency.** Had Jeb’s caper failed, it was Katherine’s signature on
the documents, her name on the door. She would have gone down in
flames… She did anyway, but for different reasons. Done with her, Jeb
didn’t want her around tainting his own reputation and political plans.   

The Katherine thing worked well for Jeb and George. But McCain’s
pitbull did not and McCain eventually wallowed in his own mud. With so
many qualified candidates to choose from, McCain and his team forgot
one very important business adage when they tapped Sarah to lure
women over to their tent. Hire the best. They forgot, but women across
America knew better. Apparently qualifications for the job are more
important than gender.

What did Sarah and Katherine think would happen when the spotlights
finally beamed bright enough to reveal the flaws beneath their veneer?
One more moose in the headlights, snuffed out like an old flame. It takes
a lot for a girl to overcome a sullied reputation. Katherine never did. But
the jury’s still out on Sarah, literally.

I hope we see more of Sarah. I hope she examines her core values, sets
her goals high. (Right, she’s already looking to 2012.) Maybe next time
time, armed with the sting of failure, she’ll look to her shortcomings, to
the needs of the country and do the hard work, strengthen her
qualifications beyond Russian airplanes and the bridge to oblivion.

Ultimately, the unqualified usually fail, but not without leaving a costly
mess for the rest of us to clean up...and pay for. And making it more
difficult for the next woman to step up to the job

Fiction Stops Here

Kick that pitbull while she’s down. Will another Republican Darling bite the
dust… sand… SNOW? A new ethics complaint filed against Sarah Palin evokes
comparisons of Palin with another Republican Darling, former Secretary of State
Katherine Harris. Dark hair, lipstick, ambition, ethics... failing upwards.  Both
were used badly. They have much in common after all.
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