When lovely computer expert Cady Palmer Discovers the governor's plot,
the governor wants her
dead ...
The governor's spy, he simply wants her.
And her stalker ...
Cady fired Leonard months ago. Since then he’s stalked her, waiting
for today, all the while executing the governor’s plan for today’s
election. Tonight when Cady’s election crew tallies the votes, she’ll
know something’s wrong. It’s her job to know. But there’s nothing
she can do to stop it. Later when it’s over, Leonard will come for
her. And if Cady’s beautiful assistant, Izzy Palacio gets in his way,
he’ll grab her too.

Leonard’s not the only one on the governor’s private payroll. The
governor sends his long-time confidante Neal Charles to observe
Cady and her election crew, ostensibly to alert the governor if there’
s need for early damage control. But the governor really wants a
lookout should Leonard’s scheme unravel. The governor doesn’t
count on Neal devising plans of his own.

Cady pegs Neal for the spy he is and warns the coquettish Izzy.
Nonetheless when Izzy disappears and Cady’s stalker closes in,
Neal wedges himself into Cady’s drama, not for the governor or
Neal’s own plans, but for Cady and Izzy. At first, Cady and Neal
balk at the attractions drawing them together. Then before long, the
two join as one in their search for truth and for Izzy. They risk losing
it all for each other.
Do you sometimes read a provocative story, then wonder. . .
Did this really happen? Did it? . . .When is a coincidence too
much of a coincidence to be one? Check the facts in
Lies & Politics - Conspiracy of Facts. You decide.

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Quick Links to some of My Articles and Blogs. See also For the
Politics My Articles & Blogs  pages on this BallotsOfStraw.com

  • What does this have to do with you and your vote? Consider
    CO, CT, FL, GA, IL, IN, MA, MD, NY, OH, PA, TN, UT,
    VA all used Diebold/Premier equipment in 2008 elections and
    they all reported problems. See: VotersUnite.Org's Election
    Problem Log.

    Consider also, Diebold/Premier's gross negligence and the U.
    S. Election Assistance Commission's failures do not stand
    alone. The Secretaries of State in these 14 states and the
    Supervisors of Elections in every county where the machines
    were used had 4 years to uncover discrepancies and press
    Diebold/Premier to get it right.

    A month of primary recounts in the election battleground of
    Palm Beach County, Florida, has twice flipped the winner in a
    local judicial race and revealed grave problems in the
    county's election infrastructure, including thousands of
    misplaced ballots and vote tabulation machines that are
    literally unable to produce the same results twice.

    Experts say the brew of administrative bungling and
    mysterious technological failures raises new and troubling
    questions about the county that played a crucial role in the
    2000 presidential election debacle, and is one of a handful of
    counties considered pivotal in the upcoming presidential
    election. Voting advocates are fearful that problems here --
    and perhaps in other election hot spots -- could trigger a
    replay of the disputed 2000 election. Continued.

    Election 2008. New machines, new election, and Sarasota's
    still can't count our votes. Another troubling election in
    Sarasota ¦and Hillsborough and Manatee and Palm Beach
    and Broward and . . .  A recap of this Tuesday's election in
    Florida sounds eerily familiar. Sarasota can't count votes.
    Only this time there's paper to prove it. And this time they
    can't blame the voters for Florida's failed voting systems.
    Although the cause of the failure is different as are the voting
    machines. The recovery is vastly different. This time instead
    of denying the problem exists and holding out for court
    fisticuffs, they scooped up our paper ballots and simply
    counted them by hand.  Problem solved? No. In at least three
    Florida counties, Election Supervisors responded to their
    voting machine failures with all the seriousness and
    responsibility of a third grader's, "The dog ate my homework
    [that Daddy Diebold did]." ... Florida 2008 Primary  08/29/2008

  • Did you know that most advocates of paper ballot technology
    are fuddy-duddy, itchy-witchy thinking, nervous Nelly,
    skittish souls over 40? That's the gist of an article that re-
    circulated recently. Perhaps it was penned by a reporter who
    never balanced a bank account. . . The importance of the
    business perspective and business model points of view
    cannot be overstated. In part because, until we define the
    problem we're trying to solve, we will never solve
    the problem.  The "He Did It She Did It" Business Model for

Articles & Blogs: A Potpourri
A Margin of Error

ES&S election monopoly blocked. Still at least 17 ways to
steal or botch your next election.

The Department of Justice’s block to ES&S’s nationwide election
grab is a major victory for all Americans. But does nothing to
ensure honest and accurate elections. Check these 17 ways to steal
or glitch your next election.  
3/2010 Continued . . .

ES&S Acquires Premier Election Solutions
This is just wrong on so many levels  9/2009

When Voting News reported on  ES&S acquiring Premier Election
Solutions, they commented, “Monopoly anyone?” But this
acquisition is just wrong on so many levels.

Yes, the monopoly.
ES&S's website boasts that ES&S voting
systems counted approximately 50% of the votes in the last four
major elections. 67 million registered voters vote on ES&S
machines. 97K iVotronic touch screens are installed in 20 states
and approximately 30K scanner tabulators are installed in 43 states
and worldwide. While
Premier Election Solutions (Diebold) Global
Election Management System (GEMS) is used in more than 1,000
election environments throughout North America.

While the acquisition of Premier indeed adds munitions to ES&S's
arsenal. The monopoly is but a part of the troubling equation.

Continued. . .



By Brad Friedman on 9/3/2009

Bargain-basement sale price; Anti-trust complaints to be filed;
Dreadful history of failure by both companies

Merger causes concern among Election Integrity experts...

The world's largest corporate e-voting supplier is about to become
even larger. Today, TX-based Premier Election Solutions, the
beleaguered and oft-failed voting division of OH-based parent
company Diebold, Inc.,
announced they have been purchased by oft-
failed e-voting goliath Election Systems & Software, Inc. (ES&S).
The move, if allowed to stand, would "consolidate most U.S. voting
under one privately held manufacturer," according to one election
watchdog who has announced plans to file an anti-trust complaint
concerning the sale with the Department of Justice.
Continued at
Georgia residents challenge voting machines, Macon.com, 07/13/09
By GREG BLUESTEIN - Associated Press Writer

ATLANTA -- A group of frustrated Georgia residents is
challenging the state's
touch-screen voting system, telling the
state's top court Monday that there's no way to ensure each ballot
cast is recorded and tabulated properly.

The lawsuit targets the electronic voting system adopted in 2002 in
the aftermath of the Florida voting debacle that made Georgia the
first in the nation to have uniform touch-screen voting statewide . . .

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A Margin of Error is an exciting read."
Politics is a tough career, with more knives in backs than a
backstabbing convention. "A Margin of Error: Ballots of Straw" is a
political thriller following Cady Palmer as she attempts to stand up for
what she believes in the face of a corrupt governor and his deep
reaching network. Not knowing who to trust, Cady submerges herself in
the webs of deceit where her next mistake may be her last.
"A Margin of Error" is an exciting read.  -- Midwest Book Review